Refereed Books

Empire as the Triumph of Theory:
Imperialism, Information, and the Colonial Society of 1868
(London: Routledge, Nov. 2004; US pub. April 2005; paperback, August 2015)

Mid-Victorian Imperialists:
British Gentlemen and the Empire of the Mind
(London: Routledge, June 2005; US pub. Aug. 2005; paperback, April 2015)

The Victorian Reinvention of Race:
New Racisms and the Problem of Grouping in the Human Sciences
(NY: Routledge, 22 June 2010; paperback, July 2012)

The Chartist General:
Charles James Napier, The Conquest of Sind, and Imperial Liberalism
(London: Routledge, 28 November 2016)

Empire as the Triumph of Theory has been reviewed by Bernard Porter.  See The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 34:3 (Sept. 2006): 463-465.

 Mid-Victorian Imperialists has been noted in the Victorian section of The Year’s Work in English Studies, 2007. It has been reviewed by Peter Cain. See History 92:305 (Jan. 2007): 128-129.

The Victorian Reinvention of Race has been reviewed by Colin Kidd in the Economic History Review 64:4 (November 2011): 1395-1396, Vincent Pecora in The American Historical Review 116:3 (June 2011): 870-871, and Audrey Fisch in Nineteenth-Century Contexts 34:4 (2012): 368-370.

The Round Reading Room of the British Library, not that many years ago

And you can ask for each of my books in all good libraries.