Curriculum Vitae § Edward Beasley, PhD, FRHistS                      


Professor of History § Department Chair § San Diego State University                          

Historian of Nineteenth-Century England and the British Empire                        






Empire as the Triumph of Theory: Imperialism, Information, and the Colonial Society of 1868
(London: Routledge, November 2004; NY: Routledge, April 2005; paperback, August 2015) (slightly over 100,000 words)

–'This is a very lively, readable and worthwhile work … the most stimulating book I have read on imperial ideology for a while' – Bernard Porter, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 34:3 (September 2006): 463-465.


Mid-Victorian Imperialists: British Gentlemen and the Empire of the Mind
(London: Routledge, June 2005; NY: Routledge, August 2005; paperback, April 2015)  (slightly over 100,000 words)

–'[A] valuable addition to our understanding of how the British envisioned their empire' – Peter Cain, History 92:305 (January 2007): 128-129.


The Victorian Reinvention of Race: New Racisms and the Problem of Grouping in the Human Sciences
(NY: Routledge, June 2010; London: Routledge, September 2010; paperback, July 2012)
(slightly over 113,000 words)

–'[A] compact, no-nonsense, and smart overview of the idea of "race" in Victorian England' – Vincent Pecora, American Historical Review 116:3 (June 2011): 870-871.
– 'Beasley has produced a fascinating ensemble of case studies that complicates received assumptions about the history of racial ideas in the nineteenth century…. This is an intelligent, provocative, and attractively quirky book' – Colin Kidd, Economic History Review 64:4 (November 2011): 1395-1396.
–'[A] clear and important contribution….' '[A] finely researched story of the emergence of, and resistance to, nineteenth-century racism in English thought' – Audrey Fisch, Nineteenth-Century Contexts 34:4 (2012): 368-370.

The Chartist General: Charles James Napier, the Conquest of Sind, and Imperial Liberalism  
(London: Routledge, November 2016; paperback, June 2018) (approximately 169,000 words)

            –'The task Beasley sets himself in this impressively detailed study is to "reconcile the Good Napier with the Bad". His methodology combines extensive engagement with a wide range of sources and the exercise of "historical imagination to recapture the spirit of the time". One of the strengths of this study is the way it succeeds in showing how Napier’s ideas and attitudes emerge from the complex interaction of his family background, personal experience and intellectual interests with his particular historical moment.... The Chartist General succeeds in its aim of showing the continuities between the Chartist and colonial phases of Napier’s career. It explains rather than excuses Napier’s choices and in this respect it demonstrates the advantages of the "historical imagination" as a methodological tool.' – Michael Sanders, Social History 43:2 (May 2018): 273-274.

A Male Hysteria: Diabetes and the Victorian Mind  
(Philadephia: The American Philosophical Society, forthcoming, 2021) (approximately 132,000 words)


'Views of Gentlemanly Capitalism, 1837-1842: The Colonial Society and the Chartists' (10,222 words), in Toyin Falola and Emily Brownwell (eds.), Africa, Empire and Globalization: Essays in Honor of A.G. Hopkins (Durham, North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press, March 2011): 292-316.

            –'[A]n interesting essay on the Chartist appreciation of the importance of finance capitalism' – Richard Price, Journal of African History 53:2 (July 2012): 277.

'British Views of Canada at the Time of Confederation' (about 5500 words), in Jacqueline D. Krikorian, Marcel Martel, and Adrian Schubert (eds), Globalizing Confederation: Canada and the World in 1867 (University of Toronto Press, 2017): 161-177.

'The Nineteenth-century Information Revolution and World Peace' (about 10,290 words), in Chris Meyns (ed.), Information and the History of Philosophy (London: Routledge, forthcoming, 2021).


'Making Races', Editor's Roundtable on Making Races: Victorian Racial Theories and the Category of the Human, Victorian Review 40:1 (Spring 2014): 48-52. (1999 words)



'British Empire', The Berkshire Encyclopaedia of World History (2800 words) (2004; second edition, revised, 2010)



Review of Denis Judd, Empire: The British Imperial Experience, 1765 to the Present, (768 words), San Diego Union-Tribune, 10 August 1997

Review of Hugh Thomas, The Slave Trade (1050 words), San Diego Union-Tribune, 23 November 1997

Review of Lucy Moore, The Thieves’ Opera (on the London underworld of the 18th century), (714 words), San Diego Union-Tribune, 9 August 1998

Review of Peter Ackroyd, The Life of Thomas More  (741 words), San Diego Union-Tribune 13 December 1998

Review of Venetia Murray, An Elegant Madness: High Society in Regency England (700 words), San Diego Union-Tribune, 11 April 1999

Review of Neil Hanson, The Confident Hope of a Miracle: The True Story of the Spanish Armada (1300 words), San Diego Union-Tribune, January 2005

Review of Jeremy Rich, Missing Links: The African and American Worlds of R. L. Garner, Primate Collector (800 words), American Historical Review 117:5 (December 2012): 1595-6

Review of Marc Flandreau, Anthropologists in the Stock Exchange: A Financial History of Victorian Science (850 words), American Historical Review 123:1 (February 2018): 306-7.

Review of Edmund Russell, Greyhound Nation: A Coevolutionary History of England, 1200-1900 (700 words), Agricultural History 93:3 (Summer 2019): 569-73





Lecturer, San Diego State University History Department, Spring 1994-Spring 2006

Lecturer, University of San Diego, Fall 1997, Fall 1998

Lecturer, San Diego State University Liberal Studies Program, Spring 1999-Fall 2004

Associate Professor of History, San Diego State University, 2006-2011

            (with tenure, 2008-)

Professor of History, San Diego State University, 2011-

Chair of the History Department, 2019-







History 100

World History to 1500

15 sections

History 101

World History Since 1500


History 102

World History through Science and Technology*


History 105

Western Civ. to 16th Century


History 106

Western Civ. from 16th Century


History 305B

European History since 1789


History 400W

The Historian’s Craft


History 407A (later 407)

Europe, 1500-1789


History 407B (later 408)

Europe, 1789-Present


History 411

Early World History for Teachers


History 412

Modern World History for Teachers*


History 418

Modern British History*


History 450W

The Writing of History


History 509

The British Century: Waterloo to W.W.I*†


History 516

Modern World Imperialism*†


History 601

Graduate Seminar in Historical Methods


History 620/680

Graduate Seminar: Making Victorian England*


History 620

Graduate Seminar: The History of Race*


History 665

Seminar in History


Liberal Studies 300

Introduction to Liberal Studies



            * Originated course.

            † Originally taught as History 582, Topics in Social and Cultural History




History 15 

World Civilization before 1500

1 section

History 16

World Civilization  since 1500





David Arranaga, M.A., History, 2009 – 'Environmental Awareness in Nineteenth-Century England'

Holly Smith, M.A., History, 2010 – 'Whoremongers, Heretics, and the Devil's Doctrine: Clerical Marriage in Mid-Tudor England, 1540-1555'

Josef Djordjevski, M.A., History, 2012 – 'Nationalism in Practice: Assimilation, Explusion, and Extermination, 1913-1945'

Matthew McGinn, M.A., History, 2013 – '"Rommel, You Magnificent Bastard": The Desert Fox and the Rehabilitation of Germany in Postwar Media'

Jeffrey Brown, M.A., History, 2015  – 'More than the Sum of their Parts: The Origin of the Olympic Class Liners'

Scott Martinson, M.A., History, 2015  – 'There and Back Again: The Creation of the British Blues, and the American Blues Revival'

Caitlin Wion, M.A., History, 2015  – '"Nothing is Impossible to a Determined Woman": Louisa May Alcott and Nineteenth-Century Gender Roles'

Rachel Laue, M.A., History, 2016  – 'The Great Obligation: The Serampore Missionaries and the Rise of Social Service in Protestant Missions'

Katrina Radivovic, M.A., History, 2016  – 'Creating Spaces: The Epistolary Movement for Female Autonomy in late Eighteenth-Century England'

Beauregard Bennett, M.A. History, 2017  – '"Gutteral German": Herbert Marcuse, the Media, and Student Radicalism in San Diego During the 1960s'

Courtney Lyell, M.A., History, 2017  – 'Forti Nihil Difficile: How the Victorians Created a New Self-image under Revolutionary Conditions'

S.L. Kay, M.A., History, 2020  – 'Arabia Infelix: Britain, Sharif Hussein, and the Lost Opportunities of Anglo-Arab Relations, 1916-1924'

Katie Waltman, M.A., History, 2020  – 'A History of the British Museum’s Repatriation Debates of the Parthenon Marbles and Benin Bronzes'



Robert M. Sherwood, III, M.A., History, 2002 – 'How the Catholic Church Avoided the Black Legend:
An Analysis of Anti-Spanish Literature in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Gabriel Berry, M.A., English, 2004 – 'Ovid moderniz'd: Eighteenth-century Imitations of the Ars Amatoria'

Kevin Sitz, M.A., Political Science, 2006 – 'Irish and British Identity upon the Establishment of the Irish Free State'

Dan Warren, M.A., History, 2006 – 'The First Opium War between the United Kingdom and China, 1839-42'

Gerardo Ríos, M.A., History, 2009 – ''Esos que no tengan miedo, que pasen a firmar': The Zapatista Revolution in Southwest Puebla'

Lacey Langston, M.A., Theater, Television, and Film, 2010 – 'The Fear Within: Early Scientific Film and its Influence on the Horror Genre'

Clare Stebbing, M.A., English, 2010 – 'The Measure of a (Wo)man: Female Response to Chance in the Novels of Thomas Hardy'

Asritha Challa, M.A., Computer Science, 2011 – 'Multimedia Software to Teach the British Empire'

Galit Golzer Stam, M.A., History, 2012 – 'Exodus (1960): A Movie with a Message … They Listened!'

Katherine Rose Duran, M.A., Political Science, 2012 – 'Shifting Perceptions of Citizenship in the United Kingdom and France'

Sarah Redden, M.A., English, 2013 – 'Down and Out in London: "Hack" Authorship and Penny Fiction in Nineteenth Century Britain'

Jared Kramer, M.A., Political Science, 2015 – 'The Common Defense: Challenging State Authority and the Citizen Army Through the Privatization of Force'

Yarely Alejandre, M.A., English, 2015 – 'Joycean Paralysis within the works of D.H. Lawrence and E.M. Forster'

Patricia Pummill, M.A., English, 2016 – 'Development of the Legal Problem Novel from Caleb Williams to Ivanhoe and Mary Barton'

Andrej Radic, M.A., History, 2016 – 'Shattered Dreams: Accounts of Ordinary Citizens and Soldiers During the Dissolution of Yugoslavia and the War in Croatia'

Christian Alvarado, M.A., History, 2017 – 'Manufacturing a Genedered Nigeria: Academic Discourse at the University of Ibadan, 1948-1977'

Aliyah Beiruti, M.A., History, 2019 – 'The Cold War Congo: The Congo Crisis and the Determinants of U.S. Cold War Foreign Policy towards a Newly-Decolonized Nation'

David Jackson, M.A., Political Science, 2020 – 'Imperialism: Alive and Well in the Democratic Republic of the Congo'


M.A. EXAM COMMITTEES, SDSU History Department (40-book reading lists)

Dale Pluciennik, M.A., History, 2008 – in Imperial History

Jason Perry, M.A., History, 2010 – in Modern European History

John Class, M.A., History, 2012 – in Modern European Racism and Nationalism

Eric Hoobs, M.A., History, 2014 – in Modern World History

Sean Buckelew, M.A., History, 2015  – in Nineteenth-Century British History

Andrew McIlrath, M.A., History, 2015 – in British Imperial History

Everett Smith, M.A., History, 2015 –  in Nineteenth-Century British Military History

Sean Michael Richards, M.A., History, 2018 – in Nineteenth-Century British History

Devin Emery, M.A., History, 2019 – in Nineteenth-Century British and Imperial History



Holly Smith, B.A., History, 2006 – 'Influence and Intrigue: Edward VI and the Pursuit of Power'

Corey Valenzuela, B.A., History, 2009 – 'Growing Sentiment and the Shrinking Death Penalty in Early 19th Century England'

Devin Emery, B.A., History, 2016 – 'The Abolition of British Colonial Slavery: A Public and Political Movement, 1776-1834'

Kristin Herr, B.A., History, 2018 – 'Convicts, Pioneers, and Fatal Shores: The Australian Landscape as a Site of Colonial Identity and Memory'

Christina Rhein, B.A., History, 2018 – 'Nuns in Early Modern Europe'

Johanna Bright, History, 2019 – 'The Significance of Mysticism in the History of the British Isles'



Kimberley Ordel, B.A. History, 2010 – 'Multiple Perspectives on Japan's Entry into the Pacific War, 1931-1942'






Liaison Officer for Part-Time Faculty, 1998-2000.  Elected to represent 30 other lecturers.

Member, Long-Range Planning Committee, 1998-9

Member, Curriculum Committee, 1998-2000, 2010-

Chair, Honors Committee, 2006-18

Member, Executive Committee, 2006-2010, Feb. 2011-April 2012, January 2017-April 2018

Member, Atlantic History Search Committee, 2007-8

Member, Graduate Committee, 2008-

Member, Lecturer Evaluation Committee, 2009, 2016

Chair, Lecturer Evaluation Committee, 2010-12, 2014, 2017, 2019

Chair, Professional Leaves Committee, Fall 2010

Chair, Phi Alpha Theta Committee (Phi Alpha Theta Advisor), 2010-2016

Chair, Recruitment Committee, 2012-13

Chair, Twentieth-Century European History Search Committee, Fall 2012

Member, Professional Leaves Committee, Fall 2014

Chair, Post-Tenure Review Committee, Spring 2017, Spring 2019

Chair, Scholarships Committee, 2018-19

Undergraduate Advisor, Spring 2021

Department Chair, 2019-



Authored reaccreditation report of the SDSU Social Science Major for future California high school teachers, Spring 2006 (approximately 15,000 words, excluding quoted state requirements and about 400 pages of scanned material)

Authored periodic self-study report for Social Science Program, Spring 2007

Member, Social Science Committee, 2007-8

Presenter, Charles Darwin Film Series (4 films), Spring 2009

Member, Research Committee, 2009-11, 2013-14, 2020-22

Member, Instructionally Related Activities Committee, Spring 2011

Member, Curriculum Committee, 2011-February 2013

Member, Critical Thinking Grant Committee, Fall 2011, Fall 2012

Member, Personnel Committee, 2014-19

Chair, Personnel Committee, 2017-19

Member, Excellence in Teaching and Research Awards Committee, Spring 2019



Member, College of Education 'Blended Curriculum Institute' to redesign K-8 teacher education, Spring 2000-Spring 2001

Convenor of 'Subject Area Action Team' in History/Social Science, coördinating and designing courses and program, and liaising with San Diego Mesa College and the San Diego City Schools. Multiple presentations to groups large and small, Spring 2000-Spring 2002

Member, College of Education planning group for 'Teaching for Understanding' Seminars, 2000-1

Author of Subject Area Statements in History, Social Science, Literature, and the Arts for the Liberal Studies Program (totalling 13,700 words, 1998-2004) (multiple editions)

Judge, Student Research Symposium (various panels), 2009, 2011, 2015-2019

Chair, Faculty Grievance ad hoc Statutory Hearing Committee, January-February 2011

Member, Student Research Committee, 2012- (including Graduate Student Travel Fellowship subcommittee)

Chair-Elect, Student Research Committee, 2014-15

Chair, Student Research Committee, 2015-18

Member, University Grants and Lectureships Committee, 2014-17

Member, University Research Council, 2015-17

Member, Senate Library Committee, 2015-

Interim Chair, Senate Library Committee, Fall 2017

Chair, Senate Library Committee, Spring 2018-

Member, Search Committee for Vice-President of Research, 2019-2020

Reviewer, Student Undergraduate Research Program, 2019-2020



Manuscript Review: American Political Science Review; Bloomsbury; Pearson Longman; McGraw-Hill; the Organization of American Historians; Routledge; Transactions of the Royal Historical Society; Wadsworth/Cengage; Victorian Review

Grant Review: American Philosophical Society

Promotion Review: DePaul University

Organizational: Co-Chair, Local Arrangements Committee, World History Association Conference, San Diego, June 2010

            Chair, Conference Session, World History Association, San Diego, June 2010, 'The Environment and World History: Three Cases'

Organizational: Representative of Phi Alpha Theta national headquarters, Phi Alpha Theta Southern California Regional Conference, Point Loma Nazarene University, 11 April 2015



Panelist, all-day seminar on Alfred Crosby and World Environmental History, SDSU Master of Arts in Liberal Arts Program, April 1994

Address to the Cinema Society of San Diego on Queen Victoria and her portrayal in the film 'Mrs. Brown', 15 July 1997

Appeared on KPBS public radio in San Diego, for a one-hour call-in program on the slave trade and the film 'Amistad', 5 January 1998

Presented 'Sir Frederick Weld and the Idea of European Order in the Pacific in the Mid-Nineteenth Century', Pacific Coast Branch, American Historical Association, San Diego, 7 August 1998. Organized session on 'Anglo-American Ideas of Race in the Pacific in the Nineteenth Century'

Presented 'Mid-Victorian Races as a Function of Mid-Victorian Desires', World History Association Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 29 June 2007

Address to the Continuing Education Center, Rancho Bernardo, 'Bringing Order to the Afghan Border – or Trying to', 31 October 2007

Presented 'Sir Charles Dilke, Greater Britain (1868), and the Idea of Conquering People to Make them Free', Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, San Diego, 15 March 2009

Presented 'Napier vs Outram: Moral Arguments Among British Indian Officers in the 1840s', Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Riverside, California, 8 March 2014

Presented 'British Views of Canada', Globalizing Confederation: How Governments, Nations and Communities Around the World Viewed the Emergence of Canada in 1867, Toronto, Ontario, 29 September 2016

Presented 'Diabetes as a Mental Disease in Victorian England' to the seminar 'In Sickness and in Health', Midwest Conference on British Studies, St. Louis, Missouri, 21 April 2018

Presented 'Victorian Imperial Power: The Criticisms and Doubts of Imperialists', Midwest Conference on British Studies, Ft.Worth, Texas, 26 April 2019

Presented 'What Was at Stake in British Rule According to Charles Napier', Victorian Interisciplinary Association of the Western US, Seattle, Washington, 9 November 2019





Voted one of the Favorite Faculty of the Residence Hall Students of SDSU, Fall 2004, in a procedure sponsored by the Residential Education Office. One of 23 faculty selected out of several hundred receiving votes.

Awarded SDSU Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Grant ($2651) for research in London, Summer 2005

Voted one of the Favorite Faculty of the Residence Hall Students, SDSU, May 2005

Promoted from Lecturer B (assistant professor scale) to Lecturer C (associate professor scale), SDSU, effective Fall 2005.

Appointed Associate Professor (Tenure Track), Fall 2006

Tenure Awarded, May 2008, effective August 2008

Promoted to Full Professor, May 2011, effective August 2011

SDSU Sabbatical (competitive), Spring 2013 (awarded Fall 2011)

Awarded SDSU Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Grant ($5896) for research in London, Spring 2013

Chosen as Most Influential Professor by the Outstanding Graduate in Social Sciences, Robert Famania, 2013

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, elected May 2013






BA from Third College (now Thurgood Marshall College), University of California, San Diego (UCSD), June 1985

               Major: Urban Studies and Planning. Minors: History, Literature. 

MA and CPhil in History, UCSD, June 1989
               Major Field: Modern Britain and the British Empire
               First Minor: Early Modern England, Second Minor: English Literature

PhD in History, UCSD, 4 Sept. 1993. Dissertation: Who Built the Bandwagon?:
                               A Study of the Founders of the Colonial Society of 1868.

               Co-chairs: Prof. John S. Galbraith. Studies in British and Imperial History.

                               Prof. Judith M. Hughes. Studies in British and European History.

               Committee: Prof. Roy Ritchie. Studies in Tudor/Stuart History.

                               Prof. Andrew Wright, FRSL. Studies in the novel (Scott, Dickens, George Eliot, Doris Lessing).
                               Prof. Thomas Dunseath. Studies in Edmund Spenser and William Butler Yeats.














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